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Can I host my server at home?

No.   A home internet connection is not intended to run servers. There are several problems with this:


  • Most home internet connections have far less upload bandwidth than download bandwidth. You may have 24Mbit download bandwidth, but only 6Mbit upload bandwidth. A DayZ server requires a lot of upload bandwidth, and for peaks (server restarts when lots of people try to log in) requires a lot more.
  • Many ISPs won't allow home internet connections to run servers. You may get disconnected by your ISP for this.
  • Many ISPs won't allow you to accumulate that much bandwidth. A DayZ server will consume multiple terabytes per month. If you do not have unlimited bandwidth, this could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Or, it'll consume your bandwidth quota in a day or two.
  • Many home internet connection use dynamic IPs. A static IP is highly recommended
  • Many home internet connections are less stable and reliable than dedicated connections.


As such, you cannot host your DayZ server on a home internet connection.

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